Residency Fondation CAB


Artist-in-residence at Fondation CAB, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, January and February 2022

Open studio 23 February, 2022

Marin General Hospital Collection

Marin County, California, USA

A collaborative project with Artsource Consulting which includes 15 site-specific artworks for Marin General Hospital, in Northern California.

Artworks hang within operating and waiting rooms, and feature a variety of coastal vistas from around the Bay Area.

Includes 14 works on paper and one large porcelain enamel on aluminum piece.

Limited Edition Puzzle

By Art x Puzzles to benefit Verbier 3-D Foundation, CH

285-piece magnetic puzzle

42 x 31cm / 16 x 12.5in

Edition of 10 + 2AP


Curator for SAEIO Foundation at Ruttkowski;68, Paris

An exhibition I curated with Pablo Tomek honoring the life of French artist Paul SAEIO (1987 – 2017). Featuring artists of the SAEIO Association, who promote the continuation of Paul’s cosmic legacy through the SAEIO Foundation.

SAEIO painted and exhibited internationally in his lifetime, and in addition to his vibrant, innovative street paintings, he also produced videos, music, and performances. Through a wide variety of media, we all made tributes and gestures to Paul in a short temporal period with the closest artistic brothers and sisters of our lost Friend.

A percentage of the sales of the artworks presented in this exhibition were donated to the SAEIO Foundation.

Works by: Dimitri Arnaoudov, Nicolas Atkins, Fabien Rap Azou, Pauline Beaudemont, Alexandre Bavard, Eden Tinto Collins, Nicolas Dolto, Etienne Dumas-Brisson, Alexandre Ferreira, John Fou, Kåre Frang, Vincent Grunwald, Gues, Tommy Lhomme, Antwan Horfee, Kevin Kemter, Prosper Legault, Jehane Mahmoud, Johan Papaconstantino, Steve Paul Steven Paul, Tessa Perutz, Alexandre Raczka, Héloïse Rival, SAEIO, Lisa Signorini, Skubb, Louis Somveille, Ken Sortais, Pablo Tomek

Wine labels for a Sunday in August

An ongoing collaboration with a Sunday in August, a small natural wine producer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My artworks are featured on their 2021 and 2022 vintages.

Coloring Book

Digital / analog coloring book for all ages

Comprised of 10 pencil drawings from various locations

Spring 2020

A show I curated in homage to my friend Paul SAEIO (1987 – 2017) which ran concurrently with my exhibition Karma Solaire at Pablo’s Birthday in New York.

The exhibition featured a mix of international friends of Paul’s as well as some of my favorite artists working in New York.

Works by: Joshua Abelow, Johnny Abrahams, Alexander Bavard, Trudy Benson, Ellen Berkenblit, Moira Connelly, Holly Coulis, Elise Ferguson, Ted Gahl, Vincent Grunwald, Kevin Kemter, Antonia Kuo, Johnathan Lasker, Pablo Tomek

Titled after the song by PM Dawn.

Interview with artist Brian Alfred on Sound & Vision

Spring 2018

A playlist of mixed tracks I made for The World’s Best Ever

A mix of psych, post-punk, 80s rock, 90s hip hop

Spring 2016

Yin Yang

A show I curated at 99¢ Plus in Brooklyn, NY.

Yin Yang showcases a compelling body of work by 35 female contemporary artists and designers, challenging the often arbitrary distinction between “art” and “design.”

Featuring the work of painters, sculptors, illustrators, writers, furniture designers, fashion designers, printmakers, and more – each maker was invited to produce a work that challenges their usual mode of creation to reach an aesthetic end. Each participant, therefore, will be exhibiting work that is very different from what is normally shown as a representation of that person.

With this shift, the artist is re-contextualizing their own methodology – gaining a new, macrocosmic approach to ‘making’ as a whole. This exhibition prompts an undercurrent of dialogue about our expectations of artists and creators of our generation, attempting to expand this often too stark and linear division between “art’ and “design” in our modern landscape.

Yin Yang functions as an open platform – showcasing a freeform survey of unusual works by popular creative tastemakers, outside of the structured confines of the typical gallery, boutique, or “art-viewing” setting. We hope you will join us for what we believe is a mind-bending and stimulatingly electric exhibition.

Works by: Tisch Abelow, Trudy Benson, Andrea Bergart, Ellen Berkenblit, Samantha Bittman, Rose Blake, Kate Casey / Peg Woodworking, Sonya Cohen / COME TEES, Moira Connelly, Cheryl Donegan, Jashin Friedrich, Hildie Gifstad, Tamara Gonzales, Jessica Hans, Nina Hartmann, Brittni Ann Harvey, Josephine Heilpern / Recreation Center, Madeline Hollander, Emma Kohlmann, Antonia Kuo, Alice Lancaster, Amelie Mancini, Carol Nhan, Beth Noe, Maya Odim, Elise Peterson, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Dakotah Savage, Coleen Self, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Lily Stockman, Katie Stout, Evren Tekinoktay, Joy Walker, Bari Ziperstein / BZIPPY