Pop;68, Cologne, Germany

02.17.2024 → 04.13.2024

Tessa Perutz presents Leo, her first solo exhibition with POP;68 in Cologne.

The show unfolds as a tactile narrative of landscapes and environments, evolving from intuitive explorations of regions and locales where her painterly approach is incited by the immediacy of in situ sketches. In a circulative way she transforms the initial impressions into rich, emotive canvasses and works on paper in her studio. The process incorporates echoes from past imprints as well as future representations, sourcing from the natural world’s eternal cycles of life. Through returning studies, deepening in intimacy and complexity over time, she approaches points of connectivity between human existence and the rhythms of nature.

Integrating earth’s elements found on site – especially herbal materials – her practice evolves into a multi-sensory experience, presenting a variety of surfaces for personal resonances. Informed by a multitude of transdisciplinary references, her works socially interact through contemplative reflections of the transient essence of their surroundings.

Leo becomes a nuanced interplay between physical experiences, natural, personal and historical references inciting direct conversations between the viewer and the artwork while at the same time creating a space for personal exploration.