La Lune Lavande

Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

03.14.2019 → 04.13.2020

Belgian Minimalist Landscape as Memorabilia

Leafing through a photo archive of life experiences, romances and friendships and documentation of the distances traveled. Time is the element removing emotional proximity to the subject. The preliminary drawing functions as memorabilia, a placeholder for the past. A non-descript country or rural environment – this open context provides the viewer with a universal relation to landscape.

Forest Canopy at Dusk
(La Lune Lavande)

A long drive, no traffic. From the backseat I draw the British countryside at late afternoon. I’ve heard that in near-death experiences one envisions a tunnel with a searing light at the end. The forest canopy forms a cocoon as the sun shifts to moon. The sky is illuminated in an electric carnelian red. The car continues through the passage seamlessly – Karma Solaire.

Isabelle’s Hibiscus, Bourgogne
(Esprit du Roi Soleil)

Late morning, French countryside. My 30th birthday, also Paul’s memorial. Shared glasses of pastis. Soccer matches shouted in Verlan. Drawing his mother’s hibiscus flowers, which bloom in late summer for one day. Timing of flowering is remarkable; uncanny & supernatural. Hibiscus is consumed widely as a powerful tea, lauded for its superlative health benefits and regeneration of cell structure. In preparation for the exhibition I drink hibiscus tea daily.

British Landscape with Mirrored Reflection (Infinite Cycle of Life)

Sunday, Kent. Quietly observing a small lake or large pond. The land above is mirrored in the reflection of the water below. The central horizon line represents a lifetime. Land above denotes afterlife, the water below signifies life before birth. Borderless and symmetrical, the patterning is repetitive and cyclical. Represents the limitlessness nature of the unknown, and our collective inability to recall past lives or predict future selves.